A question came in the other day about a volunteer participating in a drill, or taking an online training course, while on a stand-by. The question is, can the volunteer receive the point for the drill as well as the stand-by?

First the disclaimer – we don’t give legal advice and you should run this by your local attorney.

Now that’s out of the way, I don’t see any reason why not, as long as both activities are completed. If a volunteer has signed up for a 4-hour stand-by and completes the stand-by, then one point is earned. If, during that time, the volunteer is able to participate in a 2-hour drill, or take an online training course, then it would seem reasonable to me that the volunteer should also get the applicable points for completing that other activity. That being said, it is still imperative that the volunteer completes the training or drill. If, during the drill, there is a call and the volunteer cannot complete the drill, then no credit should be given.

However, this brings up two other issues that I’ll address in future posts….





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