Firefly Admin Inc. is guided by six core principles – Serve, Trust, Value, Teach, Grow, and Collaborate. These principles can be applied in many ways, including both in how we deliver our services to clients and how we operate internally as a team.

Recently, we have made several internal decisions on enhancing our service offerings, all done in line with these principles. However, the purpose of this communication is to highlight one we are very excited to announce, which is the addition of Craig Relyea, ASA to our team.
Craig joins Firefly as an Actuary; he is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. Most recently, Craig has been working for a health insurance company, assisting them manage their large volume of data, analyzing and helping develop trends and pricing for their products. For the 10 years prior, Craig worked with service award programs and developed a specific expertise in this field – one that we are extremely fortunate to now have working for Firefly’s clients.

In recent months, Craig assisted us with a couple actuarial projects on a consulting basis. Now that he has been hired as an employee, he will be involved in all facets of our services, including administration, consulting, and client meetings. His unique experience will allow him to make an immediate and significant impact. While adding Craig’s talents will enhance the service we can provide, his addition is equally important to strengthening the continuity of our services over time. This illustrates our commitment to ensure our services can be trusted and valued in the future.

On actuarial matters, Craig will work closely with our consulting actuary, Tony Fiorillo. Tony Fiorillo is also an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, and he certified all valuations we prepared in 2020. We entered into a consulting agreement with Tony in January 2020. This also means we will not be relying as much on our collaboration with Jefferson Solutions, Inc. We continue to work with Jefferson on specific projects and recommend any municipality in need for GASB 75 valuations to contact them through their website,

As a result of the addition of Craig and Tony, our team now consists of five professionals all with at least ten years of experience with service award programs. Although 2020 was not typical by any measurement, we successfully delivered on our promises, making at least one part of our clients’ year routine. All annual reports and participant benefit statements were delivered timely, both in paper form and electronically. We were also able to provide our clients a draft of the resolution to award points for the period of the COVID-19 pandemic at no additional fee.

If you’d like to contact Craig, please email him at Although Tony Fiorillo is a project-based consultant, if you have questions about an actuarial valuation or would like to touch base with him, you can email Tony at

​For those municipalities that have chosen to partner with Firefly, we are thankful for the trust you have placed in us, and we will continue to work to validate that trust.





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