Over the years, we have fielded many questions that begin with “Can we” Most of the time, these “can we” questions are about awarding points for certain activities. We decided to create a Memorandum outlining four amendments to Section 217 of the General Municipal Law that would address the most frequent “can we” questions. In short, our proposed amendments would amend:

  1. Department Responses: Allow for an alternative way to award points for department responses – up to 1/2 point per call rather than having to attend a minimum percentage for an all-or-nothing 25 points.
  2. Tour of Duty: Allow points to be earned for signing up for shifts or on-call duty time at the firehouse. 
  3. Vesting at Entitlement Age: Eliminate the language that allows a participant to become 100% vested at the entitlement age, regardless of how many years of service have been earned. This will require all participants to become vested (typically means to earn 5 years of service credit) before a benefit can be collected.
  4. September 11 Illnesses: Allow certified 9/11 related illnesses suffered as a volunteer firefighter participating in the events during and after 9/11 to be classified as line-of-duty injuries and therefore eligible for line-of-duty points.
If you are interested in additional details on this proposal, please download a PDF of the Memorandum by clicking on the link to the right.AMENDMENT PROPOSAL

Each year the associations that support the fire service in New York gather to create the “Issues of United Concern”. This document outlines a legislative agenda for the upcoming year. If you would like one or all of our proposals to be considered when this agenda is developed, please click on this link to complete a two-minute questionnaire:


We will submit your response to ensure your opinion and support is documented. Unless these organizations hear from the people, departments and municipalities they represent, progress will not be made. It takes approximately 2 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Thank you, and please contact us with questions!





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